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Manners matter: Building character, confidence, courtesy!

Susan’s professional and personal mission is to guide young people to develop character with a focus on respect for others through both etiquette and dance skills.

In our society, good manners were considered an important part of a child’s upbringing until the 1960s. The 60’s and 70’s ushered in a decline in the popularity of etiquette training. The return to traditional values is bringing about an increasing appreciation of good manners.

Polished manners and superb social skills will play an essential role in the bright future we envision for our children. Today’s children and teens travel, interview for school and summer jobs and are frequent guests at formal functions and in the homes of friends. Class Act Etiquette will help prepare your child, give him or her confidence to feel comfortable in a variety of situations.

“My daughter eats, sleeps, and lives your dance classes. She has found herself
a niche. And she loves being one of your teaching assistants at Cotillion
and Etiquette/Dance Summer Camp. Thanks for all you do for these kids. “
Cindy Broaddus


The etiquette program combines social and life skills as a stand-alone of Etiquette and Dining skills only or combined with ballroom and popular dancing. These social, job, and dance skills are taught in a fun, interactive manner. Students receive detailed booklets for future reference. Most importantly, they are trained in the customs and courtesies that will serve them for a lifetime. The etiquette courses are divided into age-appropriate materials with each course building on the previously learned skills. Some of the same topics become more challenging at each level. 

Our Etiquette Classes place an emphasis on:

  • Introductions and Handshakes

  • Dining and Table Manners

  • Common Courtesies

  • How do we make a Good Impression

  • Cell Phone and E-Mail Etiquette

  • Invitations and Thank you Notes

  • Overnight Guest

  • Host and Hostess Party Tips

  • Conversation and Listening Skills

  • Social Dance Skills


Job Interview and College Prep topics for teens include:

  • Interview Skills

  • Getting along with Personalities

  • Travel Savvy

  • Communication with Special People (elderly, disabled, etc.)

  • Special functions-funerals, weddings, receptions, theatre

  • Appropriate Dress for the Occasion


This event is for all teens and pre-teens (ages 10–19 years). Whether you have previously attended Cotillion, Etiquette, or Dance Camp or you are brand new to any of Dr. Susan's youth programs, you are invited! Susan’s Brazos Valley Cotillion is an etiquette, dining and dance course for today’s young people (ages 10-19). Cotillion combines social and life skills with ballroom and popular dancing. Each participant learns good manners and respect for others, while building inner strength of character, courtesy and confidence. Typical format is aweekly hour and a half long class covering both etiquette and dance skills. The Formal Ball provides opportunity to practice all skills learned in a beautiful formal setting.


Click here for more information and registration.


Class Act Etiquette & Dance Summer Camp is a dining, etiquette and dance course that teaches essential social skills for young people.  Sessions cover everything from basic manners and dining etiquette to cell phone and social media courtesy and job skills.  Students learn popular ballroom and swing dance skills.  CLASS ACT Etiquette Camp will help your child build character, confidence, and courtesy. Class meets Monday through Thursday.

Click here for more information and registration.

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