College and Job Preparation

Etiquette Class for College Prep and Workplace - Dr Susan QuiringThis much-requested, one to three-session class is designed for teens ages 14-19, wanting job preparation skills and tips for handling issues commonly faced by college students. We look at realistic potential situations teens may encounter. You will be introduced to skills to help you be more effective whether in the classroom, at home, or at an extracurricular function. We will talk about personality differences, how to get along with difficult people, what image your personal style reflects, interview techniques, dining skills. Join us for the job preparation class.

Includes a formal dinner
Class size limited to 25
Cost: $85-$150

Pricing depends on number of sessions, content, and number of students. Call Susan to make your reservations at (979) 690-0606

“Thank you so much for hosting our dinner Wednesday. I’d never received
formal etiquette training so it was completely informative and to my
surprise-fun. Not only are you a wonderful teacher but you have a great
personality. Thank you again.”
Sincerely, Quentin Perry