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Why Your Child Should Learn to Ballroom Dance

Two years ago I had a student who was a young, fresh-out-of-the-box

teenager. He came with a chip on his shoulder, a rebellious attitude, and

little regard for life beyond his gaming device. He took my summer

Etiquette and dance camp. His mother had forced him to attend. By the

end of the week, this young man was totally transformed, he even

apologized to his mom for his attitude, and ended up winning the Best

Dancer award at the camp.

Ballroom dancing is a wonderful way to get in shape. This goes past

merely benefiting your body. Through ballroom dancing, we can help

your child increase their flexibility, range of motion, and stamina. The

repetitive motion and movements associated with dancing improves

muscle tone, straightens posture, also increases balance and

coordination. Dancing is a great social activity, having vast health

benefits on self-esteem, stress, and even your BMI. Dance skills help

with athletic ability, balance, and coordination. You can apply many

sports techniques to dance.

Not only is dancing a fun way to get much needed physical activity, but

ballroom dancing has been proven to promote manners, good

posture, social skills, and to boost confidence. For example, we teach

how to look someone in the eye and how to ask/accept a dance. This

prepares kids for social functions in adult life.

Ballroom Dancing is a unique hobby. Not a lot of people ballroom

dance. Those who can dance are popular and envied. Learning to dance

can be the niche that connects your kids to a community, allows them

to have fun and grow and develop confidence. Boys who dance

discover that they are quite popular with the girls!

Final Thought: Everyone that begins dancing as an adult wishes they

had started sooner.



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