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Whatever your motivation, learning to dance gives you confidence, a great exercise program, a new group of friends, provides mind/body coordination, helps maintain the brain! You will be on the floor in no time at all with our proven teaching techniques.


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Polished manners and superb social skills set you apart in professional and social settings. You have only ten seconds to make a lasting first impression. In Dr. Susan’s etiquette classes you will learn the skills necessary to be confident in any situation.

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The question is not "Why Yoga?" is "Why NOT Yoga?" Yoga is a balanced practice of flexibility, fitness, strength, and breath control that can reduce stress as well as improve cardiovascular and cognitive function.  Nurture your mind, body and spirit with a wide offering of yoga classes.

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"Words cannot fully express how much our family enjoyed every aspect of this year's dinner, dance, and showcase. Our children learned so much about working with others, patience, accountability, and teamwork, Each performance was so impressive. Thanking God for you and for the blessing of being a part of your lovely minestry."

We just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us feel like royalty as we danced our first dance to the waltz on our wedding day. It was so special to learn together, and you are such a wonderful teacher! Thank you for your valuable time, patience, & prayers on our special day. Our dance was beautiful thanks to you!

"Susan was a fantastic teacher! She squeezed us into her schedule a month before our wedding and I don't even want to know what our first dance would have looked like without her! I have two left feet it seems, but Susan was patient with me and now I don't feel terrified of the dance floor"

“Dr. Q, You had a big influence on me and my brothers and I can't count the number of times I have been thankful for the "soft skills" I learned in your classes. As a healthcare professional and an Air Force leader, I have so many interactions with people every day! I can always fall back on something you used to say: "the goal of etiquette is to make the other person comfortable in the situation." This is a rare skill for which you gave me a head start."

"Susan has a wonderful way with people! She teaches her students so effortlessly and keeps the class entertained. Whether it's etiquette, dance, or yoga, Susan will leave you with a smile and a feeling of accomplishment. Learning with Susan over the years has been an honor and a pleasure."

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