Youth Etiquette Classes

Youth Etiquette Classes - Dr Susan QuiringThe Class Act Etiquette program combines social and life skills as a stand-alone of Etiquette and Dining skills only or combined with ballroom and popular dancing. These social, job, and dance skills are taught in a fun, interactive manner. Students receive detailed booklets for future reference. Most importantly, they are trained in the customs and courtesies that will serve them for a lifetime.

Class Act Etiquette courses are divided into age-appropriate materials with each course building on the previously learned skills. Some of the same topics become more challenging at each level. Class Act offers Ballroom Dancing as part of many of the Etiquette courses. Students learn popular ballroom dances ( cha cha, foxtrot, waltz, and swing). Popular music is used.

Our Etiquette Classes place an emphasis on:

  • Introductions and Handshakes
  • Dining and Table Manners
  • Common Courtesies
  • Phone Manners
  • Cell Phone and E-Mail Etiquette
  • Invitations and Thank you Notes
  • Overnight Guest
  • Host and Hostess Party Tips
  • Conversation and Listening Skills
  • Social Dance Skills

Job Interview and College Prep topics for teens include:

  • Interview Skills
  • Getting along with Personalities
  • Travel Savvy
  • Communication with Special People (elderly, disabled, etc.)
  • Special functions-funerals, weddings, receptions, theatre
  • Appropriate Dress for the Occasion

Course Offerings:
Brazos Valley Cotillion
Class Act Etiquette Summer Camp
Class Act’s Personalized Classes
Teen Dance Classes