Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance Lessons - Dr Susan QuiringDon’t Wait for the Big Date!

Your wedding is one of life’s most precious moments. If you want to learn a First Dance routine to Your Favorite Song, we can help prepare you and your fiance for this glorious moment.  Choose your music and let us do the rest.  We can also help you choose the right song.  Make this a memory of a lifetime.

First Dance as Husband and Wife, Father-Daughter Dance or Mother-Son Dance – Learn to dance for your special day. Susan provides individualized instruction to build your confidence and help you look great and impress your friends with your wedding dance.

How much time does it take to learn to dance for a wedding?
The more time you give us to teach you the better the dance can be. Even if you have only a few weeks we will be able to accommodate you.  No matter how fancy or how simple your dance routine will be, you do need as much practice time as you can get to feel comfortable dancing your first dance.  Besides all the dance steps you will learn for your first dance, we will also teach you how to enter the floor looking natural and confident.  And that special dip will be unique to your particular song, your personalities and abilities.

Private Instruction & Planning
To prepare your unique dance routine to your favorite music you will need to take some private lessons.  It’s recommended to take lessons once or twice a week to learn the steps well.  You should take them close to the wedding date as possible but give yourself ample practice  timeAlso consider that you will get very busy during the final weeks leading up to the wedding. 

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are available for any amount of private or group lessons.  It’s a good way to encourage the ones that think they have two left feet. Click for more information on Gift Certificate

Wedding Party – Looking for a unique gift for your wedding party? Introduce your wedding party to Ballroom Dance, Latin Dance, Tango, Swing, or Country – the choice is yours.

Wedding Dance Packages Available