Professional Etiquette

“Etiquette Skills for a Competitive Edge”

“People, like diamonds, have basic market value, but it is only after
they have been polished that the world will pay their real value.”
– William Thourlby

Buainess Etiquette Classes - Dr Susan QuiringThe return to traditional social values has demanded an increased awareness of the importance good manners have in our culture. As international travel, international business and cultural diversity continue to climb, it is becoming increasingly clear that good manners and presentation is appreciated in all cultures.

Learning skills which will help you secure a better entry-level job, advance up the corporate ladder to a higher position, or make a career change, are essential in today’s’ business culture.  Practicing professional conduct on the job demonstrates your ability to succeed. Class Act’s Etiquette training gives young businessmen and women the critical edge they need to succeed with class!

“I wanted to thank you for spending your time with Fellows Group XXII last
Wednesday. I have been to four other etiquette dinners in college, and I
found your presentation and tips to be exceptional. I learned many things I
had never heard before. Your whole program was very beneficial to me.”
Sincerely, Kasey Hand

Class Act Seminar I – Etiquette in Business – for Small Business, Faculty Staff Training or Personalized Small Groups

We focus on the following values:

  • Respect for Others
  • Self-Control
  • How to get along with Difficult People
  • The Art of Conversation and Small Talk
  • Listening

Seminar Topics:

Business and Social Etiquette

  • Professional Presence
  • Consideration and respect for others
  • The art of conversation and small talk
  • The art of networking
  • Cell phone and e-mail etiquette
  • Invitations and Thank you Notes in Business
  • Social Etiquette Skills

Put Your Best Fork Forward

  • Business Dining Skills
  • Host and Hostess party Tips

Business Receptions

  • The Art of Mingling
  • The Food Line
  • Networking at Parties
  • Toasting
  • Professional Dress

*International Business Customs can be included in any above seminar

Class Act Seminar II – Etiquette for College Age and Young Professionals

Programs for colleges and grad schools are similar in content as for business, but customized for young professionals about to enter the workforce.

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Private Tutoring

Private sessions are available. We will address your own special needs and areas which need attention, whether business, social, or both. Private Dance lessons are also available.

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