Etiquette Testimonials

“Dr. Quiring, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Dining Etiquette during the San Antonio Livestock Exposition-Leadership Extention, College Station. I personally feel much more confident in a formal setting now than I did before your presentation. In my opinion it was the best presentation of the week. You were witty and very informative. It was our privelege to have you teach us the finer points of etiquette. Thank you for a very valuable experience.” Sincerely, Z. Day

“I can’t believe the change in my son! He actually asked me for the iron so he could iron his shirt before Cotillion Tuesday night. And he could hardly wait for Tuesday to get here! Keep up the good work.”

“My daughters, Nani and Carly, said that you were an excellent teacher. They have been through their share of tutors and classes. If they said you were good, you must be, because they certainly don’t always report this after taking a class. Will you be teaching further dance lessons for the kids? They both loved your Summer Camp and want to learn more dance.” Thanks, Leslie Hicks

“The reason I am sending my children to Susan’s Etiquette Camp is because she genuinely cares about these kids.”

“Thank you so much for hosting our dinner Wednesday. I’d never received formal etiquette training so it was completely informative and to my surprise-fun. Not only are you a wonderful teacher but you have a great personality. Thank you again.” Sincerely, Quentin Perry

“I wanted to thank you for spending your time with Fellows Group XXII last Wednesday. I have been to four other etiquette dinners in college, and I found your presentation and tips to be exceptional. I learned many things I had never heard before. Your whole program was very beneficial to me.” Sincerely, Kasey Hand

“My daughter eats, sleeps, and lives your dance classes. She has found herself a nitch. And she loves being one of your teaching assistants at Cotillion and Etiquette/Dance Summer Camp. Thanks for all you do for these kids. ” Cindy Broaddus

“This was my third etiquette dinner to attend and this one was by far the most practical and applicable to my life today. Thank you for being so open with questions and your excitement was contagious to the rest of us! I look forward to another event hosted by you.” Sincerely, Risa Holland

“Your etiquette presentation was an amazing experience! I absolutely loved your attention to detail and the course-by-course explanation of table manners. You also made my week with your simple, personal compliment on the manner in which I carry myself and dress.” Sincerely, Kendra Wetterling