Etiquette Summer Camp

Class Act Etiquette Summer Camp at the Hilton Hotel

Etiquette Summer Camp - Dr Susan QuiringWith over 20 years experience as a ballroom dance and etiquette instructor, Susan Quiring Ph.D., makes seemingly difficult concepts easy to understand, fun to practice, and simple to use in everyday situations. Susan’s Class Act Etiquette classes give children the social skills, including dance techniques, to confidently approach any social situation. Class Act is an exciting 4-session course that concentrates on essential social skills (including dance) for young people.

Topics for both age groups will include:

  • Basic behavior and conversational manners
  • Cell phone and note writing etiquette
  • Dining out and table manners
  • Common courtesies
  • Social Media
  • Introductions
  • Job Skills
  • Basic Dance skills in Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot & Cha Cha (for older group only)
  • Evening Banquet and Dance (for older group only)

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“My daughters, Nani and Carly, said that you were an excellent teacher.
They have been through their share of tutors and classes. If they said you
were good, you must be, because they certainly don’t always report this
after taking a class. Will you be teaching further dance lessons for the
kids? They both loved your Summer Camp and want to learn more dance.”
Thanks, Leslie Hicks