Dance Testimonials

Dance Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation over dinner etiquette. I personally feel much more confident in a formal setting now than I did before your presentation. In my opinion, you were witty and very informative. It was our privilege to have you teach us.” -Zachary D.

“I wanted to thank you once again for such a wonderful dinner. I have received a great amount of positive feedback from our girls. The dinner was a great time and also an awesome learning experience. I feel the information provided ill be helpful in the success of our girls.” -Linay: Sigma Alpha; Alpha Pi

“Thank you so much for all that you did to help make Dancing for the Health of it such a success! You are amazing and so gifted. We are blessed to have people like you in our community and in our lives.” -Liz Dickey

“Thank you for all the dance lessons to prepare us for our wedding reception! My mom said our first dance was one of her favorite parts of the reception, and many people talked to us afterwards because they were surprised and excited about it.” -Michelle

“Ms. Susan, Do you remember me? I took your Cotillion in the fifth grade. At the time, I saw no relevance to this class. However, I’m now in college, have a job, and am dating. That information has come back to me and it has helped me a lot. I just wanted to say thank you.” –(an 18-year-old boy who walked up to me in Walmart)

“As the President of the Texas A&M Ballroom Dance Association (TAMBDA), I am pleased to write this recommendation for Susan Quiring. Susan has served as the instructor for this organization since its creation and has been a vital part of the organization’s success. I have had the privilege of working with her for the last 4 years, both as a member and as an officer. As the TAMBDA instructor, Susan provides excellent technical instruction while maintain a fun and relaxing environment. She welcomes questions and is more than willing to help students individually until they master a step. TAMBDA appeals to a very diverse group of students and we are constantly attracting new members. With her enthusiastic personality and positive attitude, Susan has no trouble getting the students in the class to interact and participate.”-Victoria Borchers, President TAMBDA, College Station, TX

“My wife and I have known Susan and have been enrolled in her dance classes for the past twelve years. During that time, we have developed a good knowledge of both her professional ability and personal traits. This knowledge comes from being a student in her ballroom dance classes where my wife and I have taken lessons on several occasions. She is not only highly skilled in the various dance techniques, but she has an excellent ability to demonstrate and impart her knowledge to students of all ages.” -Tyree H. Newton, President, Bryan/College Station Dinner-Dance Club

“I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your dance class. You are a wonderful person and I admire many of your personal qualities. You are nice, inspirational and always pleasant to be around. I guess that is part of the reason I keep coming back. I figure I have more to learn than just to dance. Plus I always have a lot of fun and enjoy mixing with such a great group of people. Showing up to class helps to remind me of some of the important things that matter the most. Thank you, Susan.” – Brian Cherni

“At a time in my life when I was going through unbearable emotional pain; Susan was a vivacious, loving, and most talented dance teacher who made me smile again. On my way to class, I wonder what I would do without this wonderful activity. Her exuberance is contagious and her challenging methods of teaching have turned me into an incredibly passionate dancer who strives to be the agile, graceful and the best dancer I can be.” -Sema Pulak

“As you know our whole family dances together and comes to class regularly because of your infectious personality, sense of humor and positive attitude towards both students and dance. Thank you Susan for helping us improve the quality of our lives.”-Rob Holt

“I wanted to tell you that both of my daughters, Nani and Carly, said that you were an excellent teacher. Having home schooled them for a long very long time, they have been through their share of tutors and classes. If they said you were good, you must be, because they certainly don’t always report this after taking someone’s class. Will you be teaching further dance lessons for the kids? They both loved your dance classes and are interested in learning more.” -Leslie Hicks

“Susan, Ross and I are back from our wedding and honeymoon and want to sign up for additional dance classes. Boy did the group and private lessons pay off! We danced our hearts out on our wedding day and everyone was impressed! They said we looked like Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers. Thanks again for everything. Send us the newest schedule of classes so we can sign up. We’re ready!”-Jennifer Hardeman Lilleker

“TAMBDA (The Texas A&M Ballroom Dancing Association) has never been this much fun. We really appreciate the extra effort you put in to teach us new steps and routines. We love you and your energy.”-Nancy Tran, Vice-President, TAMBDA

“You are simply sensational and I loved every minute of your presentation. Thank you again for taking time to come out and meet with a bunch of teens. You are an inspiration to us all.” -Jessica Puente