Brazos Valley Cotillion

Brazos Valley Cotillion - Dr Susan QuiringSusan’s Brazos Valley Cotillion is a 4-session etiquette, dining and dance course for today’s young people. Cotillion combines social and life skills with ballroom and popular dancing. Each participant learns good manners and respect for others, while building inner strength of character, courtesy and confidence.

For ages 10-18. Typical format is a weekly hour and a half long class covering both etiquette and dance skills. The Formal Ball provides opportunity to practice all skills learned in a beautiful formal setting.

Join our February Cotillion and Formal Ball

Contact Dr. Susan to request information to schedule your own Brazos Valley Cotillion course:

Cotillion of the Brazos Valley
P.O. Box 11337
College Station, TX 77842
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“I can’t believe the change in my son! He actually asked me for the iron so
he could iron his shirt before Cotillion Tuesday night. And he could hardly
wait for Tuesday to get here! Keep up the good work.”